Hello I have MPK and MPR file, both seem to solve the same purpose. Opening MPK will extract files and open mpr in modeler. If i onyl have a MPR file and i double click on this, it seems to do same and put all files in same locaiton and open modeler.   Where does the difference come in?If i have to share my project if someone, will i give MPK or MPR file.   In addition , MDA file is also package that will have the same. ANy one can clear differences for me? thanks
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A .mda file is a deployment package which you can use for uploading and deploying your model in the Mendix platform. The .mpr file is your local project file/modeler project, which you indeed use to open/acces and change your local project. However when sending your project to someone else you should use the mpk extension. In contrary to the former, the .mpk file represents a project package. These can include a resource for a project, such as a specific widget or microflow, which you can import in in your moduler, but these can also include a whole project (including a snapshot of the database).

  • MPK: MPR + bundles files (JS, Java, Themes, data snapshot)
    • Can be used for exporting and sharing of full projects but also single Documents or Modules
  • MPR: The Mendix Model definition
  • MDA: Deployment package



Thanks. My question: what one file has that the other doesnot. Double clicking mpr seems to  extract all themes and java files folders same as mpk