Can only access mobile pages in mobile app by enabling hybrid profiles

We are using Mendix 6.10.4 and we noticed that when we try to log in using the mobile app we were not able to access our mobile pages.  I'm not sure why the old profiles phone and tablet are not functioning any more in the mobile app.  When we enabled the hybrid phone and hybrid tablet profiles we were able to acess the mobile pages successfully using the mobile app but we started experiencing some user permission problems.  Does anyone know why the old phone and tablet profiles are not working inside the mobile app anymore?  I know the hybid phone and tablet profiles are still in beta, do you think this may be causing these new issues with our application?  We recently upgraded to 6.10.5 and we are still experiencing the same issues.  Thank you.
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Hi Monique,


Ik quess that you have to contact Mendix Support to ask about it. Also I saw that you asked this question yesterday as well.


Good luck