Deeplinks broken in Modeler 7.2.0?

Gents, I was wondering if others are having the same issue that I'm having -- one where the deeplinks are broken when a Modeler v7.2.0 app is uploadaed to production?  The DL module works fine when tested locally, but when the same app is deployed to production (on the Mendix cloud), I notice that all the deeplinks are broken. Previously, the structure of the deeplink was http://application_name/link/params but in the new version of the modeler, the links are incorrectly loaded     Image: deeplink when configured on the dev machine (localhost)   Image: deeplink when hosted on the TEST environment on the Mendix cloud (the link URL is malformed)to http://application_namelink/params -- can someone point me to a solution, or where I should look in order to fix this issue?
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Hello Sid,

  I believe I have the answer to your question.  There is a setting in your application called the 'ApplicationRootURL.'  In the cloud, this is always https://<AppName> (without a /) as a default.  However, in your modeler, you have the option to set what this value is.  The default is localhost:8080/ (With a / at the end) and this can be changed in your project settings under the Configurations tab by double clicking and going to the 'Server' Tab.  On the Deeplink configuration screen, when you type in the name of the microflow, it runs a microflow called 'OCh_Name.'  This microflow uses a java action called 'GetApplicationURL' and then adds 'link/' to the end of it and then your microflow name. 

There are two ways to change this:

1) Change the applicationRootURL general setting from (WhateverItISRightNow) to (WhateverITISRightNow)/

This can be done using the Custom Settings in your cloud node and will make it so that java action returns whatever you specift in that custom setting  See the documentation here:

2) Change the Mendix code by making a copy of OCn_Name so that it adds +/link/ to the name.  Keep in mind that changes to modules should be done by copying out bits into a module of your own creation so they won't be overwritten later.


I'd recommend that you try option 1.





Not directly addressing your deeplink issue, but related info:

  • In the latest Mendix 7 version we have some of the deeplink functionality natively available in the modeler itself.
  • Detailed documentation can be found here.

I have the deeplink module running in production on 7.2.0 with no issues.  In the configuration the link appears wrong but if you actually test it, it works fine for me.