How to make a CRUD-matrix of whole project?

Is there a way to make a CRUD-matrix of the whole project, preferable in a XLS-format? The matrix should show the microflows, rules, pages, and which entities are being created, read, update and deleted by them. That is very handy; in stead of sorting out the usage of all entities one by one, the usage will be available in 1 overview.  The output should look like this (just an example): Thanks for any answer in advance.
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Hi Tjeerd,

You can get all the information about object manipulation in your project from the Model SDK -

You would need to do some parsing and formatng to get to a nice csv (xls) format, but it should be be possible.

The following function would be helpful as a starting point for this

model.allMicroflowBases(); //returns all microflows (and rules) in your project

Hope this helps,



Thank you Andrej, Model SDK is complete new for me, I will have look!