Downloading previous version from TeamServer

I started converting one of my projects to Mendix 7.1.1 in order to use CSV Services. I'm running into a few java compilation errors and have found on the forum that some of the apps I'm using are not available for 7  yet. In case there were issues, I purposely did not commit the Mendix 7 project as I have a demo coming up so wanted the option to still use the 6.10.4 version. However, in 6.10.4, when I try to download from Team Server into a new directoy, I get a message that it's version 7.1.1 and can't download.  When I go to it shows there was an autocommit done with version 7.1.1. How can I access the last committed version in 6.10.4, which is the one just before the autocommit was done. And is there a way to turn off autocommit? I was not aware this would happen.
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If you have Tortois SVN on your machine you can right click in the folder and use the repo browser to export any commit version to an empty folder.


If you don't, use the Branch Line Manager and create a branch from whichever version you'd like.