Phonegap build not finding index.html file and crosswalk plugin causing errors with Android

I have been running into some issues when building a new version of my mobile app.  When I try to download a file from Mendix and upload it to Adobe phonegap build to build the app, I receive and error that says index.html not found.  It seems as though phonegap build is not able to locate the index.html file.  I’m not sure if this is due to the new folder structure of the hybrid mobile apps.  The new folder structure has the index.html file located in the PhoneGapBuild\dist\\www subdirectory.  In order to get this to work I had to place the folder in the root folder and also unzip it so that phonegap build could locate the index.html file.  The new location of the index.html is here PhoneGapBuild\phonegap\www.  I tested in on my android device and it is still working, but I’m not sure if changing the folder structure will cause any issues in the future.  The reason why I wanted to download and edit the folder is because I wanted to be able to edit the config.xml file because I was having some issues with the crosswalk plugin.  When I try to build an android apk file when using an app signing key in phonegap build, the crosswalk plugin is building a x86-release.apk file, which is not compatible with my android device.  This was an issue earlier discussed in the Mendix forum and I was able to use the plugin below <plugin name="cordova-build-architecture" spec="" source="git" />   so that it would build an application with the ARM architecture.  This is not working anymore, it is still building the x86-release.apk file even with the abovementioned plugin placed in the config.xml file.  I had to remove the crosswalk plugin to get this to work, but I would prefer to use it being as though the plugin makes your app more consistent across devices and therefore less prone to errors.   Is anyone else experiencing these issues when building a new hybrid mobile app and have you found a solution to this issue?  Thank you.
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Are you sure this is not working anymore? I build a version today without any problems. I will edit my reply tomorrow when I have my laptop open so I can check the config.xml. And about the index.html from the top of my hat this needs to be in the root. But again I will check tomorrow.




My line is the same and working:

	<gap:plugin name="cordova-build-architecture" spec="" source="git" />

And this is my structure of the



Okay, thank you for your help, I was uploading the wrong folder to adobe phonegap build, now I know I need to upload the one inside the dist folder.  Thank you again.  


Thank you for your response.  I just built a new version of the mobile app and it is not building the x86-release.apk file anymore but I am still having the same problems with installing it on my phone.   Here is a screenshot of the message I receive:


When I download the folder from Mendix to edit it, this is the structure of the 



There is another folder inside the dist folder that contains the css, javascript, resource, index.html, etc files that you have shown in your folder, it is shown below, is this the folder I should be uploading  to adobe phonegap build?  Thank you for your help.