Configuring DeepClone activity

I'm trying to configure the DeepClone activity from the CommunityCommons module. I have an object called 'Application' with a 1 to Many relationship to an object called 'Version'. What I'm trying to do is set the DeepClone up so that it clones everything from Version downwards, but doesn't clone Application at all. Instead it will create a link to Application. I've tried setting the DeepClone up so that Members To Keep is set to the name of the assocation between Application and Version. I've also added the name of the Application object into the Exclude Entities setting. Both of these still cause a new copy of Application to be cloned into the database too which isn't what I want - there should still only be one copy of the application after the clone. Any help with this greatly appreciated.
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Did you include the module name of the association in the membersToKeep argument?
For me the following config clones everything that Version references, except the Application.
That reference of NewVersion to Application is also set correctly.