Tab page refresh problem after Upgrade to 6.10.7

Recently upgraded from version 6.10.0 to 6.10.7 which seems to have introduced a 'feature' where a tab page is not rendered on first navigating, until you click the tab pages caption/header. It only happens where the default tab has a visibility condition based on an attribute that causes it  not to be displayed.  Then you get the next tab  failing to render it's contents until theheader is clicked. These pages worked fine in 6.10.0 and the problem also happens with a tab page in the app store Excel Exporter module (developed by Mendix). Am I missing something? Is this a known issue?   Thanks.
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I know this behaviour is also in 6.10.4 so it's already in there for a couple of versions.  My workaround was to make sure that the default tab has no conditional visibility on it. I never came around on creating a bug report on it, but it is indeed annoying and a bug report should be made for this one.