Upgrade Path For Application

Hi All, I currently have an on-premise application that has been developed on the 6.1.0 modeler and runs on the 4.3.0 service console, I am looking to upgrade it to run on the Mendix 7 modeller and the respective service console however am unsure if it can be done in a single leap. What in your opinion would be the correct upgrade path to move the application from version 6.1.0 to 7.2? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi James,

You can convert to the latest Mx6 version (6.10.7), than convert to Mx7.2 by following this how-to.

Edit: Converting to 6.10.7 does not work, try another (6.10) version. I tried 6.10.4 to 7.2. When opening the 6.10.4 project in Mx 7.2 you get the dialog if you want to convert, which is correct.

If want to migrate an app from 6.10.7 to 7.2.0 you get an error, not the dialog, This looks like a Mendix bug.