Unable to upgrade Mendix 6.10.4+ to Mendix 7.x

I've tried almost all the combos, but it seems I can't upgrade Mendix 6.10.5 and above to any version of Mendix 7:
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Looks like you're on 6.10.7 based on the error message. Unfortunately, 6.10.7 was just released and therefore comes after the latest build of Mendix 7 chronologically. So, when Mendix 7.2.0 came out, there's no way it could have been tested to properly upgrade projects from 6.10.7.


You mention you can't upgrade 6.10.5 either, and that one is surprising since it came out before 7.2. The path 6.10.5 -> 7.2 should be valid. Perhaps someone at Mendix R&D can confirm the issue.

I believe we should see another release of Mendix 7 (perhaps 7.2.1 or 7.3) in the very near future, and I'm certain you'll be able to upgrade your 6.10.7 project to that version.