Association not working

I am having trouble with associations and need some help. I created a domain model with 2 entities in a parent-child (1-M) association. The parent entity is an enumeration which I loaded into a dropdown box and after selection I pass it to a page which contains a datagrid to fill in data for the 'child' object. (nested in a dataview of the parent entity) The problem is when I create new entries in the datagrid they dont get displayed and I cant see any entries in this grid (datasource is association/XPath) but when I select the datasource as database in a table  outside without the association all the saved saved data is displayed. Is there something wrong with the way I am saving the data for the association ? or I am doing something else wrong ?  
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The default "New" button behavior in Mendix would normally associate your child objects to your parent object automatically.


Can you share a screenshot of your pages, and also perhaps how your "New" button works for creating those child objects?