Sending data IE 11 vs Chrome

We are experiencing a delay in one of our forms which is a quite a simple form. When loading the in chrome the load times look like this:     However loading the same page in IE shows this time after time:   It appears that IE shows a lot more of "Sending" time compared to Chrome. Is this normal behaviour, what could we do to further reduce this? Basically the requests that you see here are really small so to me it does not make sense that sending the requests takes so much time. e.g. {"action":"retrieve_by_ids","params":{"ids":["68116944363987487"],"schema":{}},"context":[],"profiledata":{"213f0a38fd57140":133}}  
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I've seen some significant lag in general responsiveness in pop-ups on IE. I haven't debugged further yet but it's a noticeable slowdown in the UI behavior.

Can you try this same form in context and see if the behavior changes? That'll verify the issue and perhaps we can get Mendix Support to dig deeper.