REST POST request

WE are using RST services for the first time. Doing a GET we get results and display it in a page on screen. In that page we select 1 or more retrieve entries to POST a request. Here we get stuck. We  use this JSON template: { "title": "string", "series": [ { "unit": "string", "label": "string", "id": "string", "kind": 0 } ], "samples": [ { "rawDateTime": "2017-06-15T07:25:59.530Z", "label": "string", "label2": "string", "sampleValues": [ 0 ] } ], "request": { "locationIDs": [ "123456789, 987654321" ], "startDate": "2017-06-15T07:25:59.530Z", "endDate": "2017-06-15T07:25:59.531Z", "options": { "displayHighLow": true, "includeTemperature": true, "includeWind": true, "includeSun": true, "includeKWMax": true, "resultData": 0, "lastView": "string", "tick": 0 } }, "resultCode": 0, "resultText": "string", "resultDescription": "string" } When we create a JSON Structure in the Modeller there is no error. And on that structure we create an Export Mapping. The Export Mapping has created a structure of non-persistent entities associated with the top entity.; it also requires a parameter of the type of top entity. When in the REST Service activity on the Request tab we select "Export mapping for the entire request" and select this new  Export Mapping the Parameter type has been filled in (top entity), but we cannot nter a Parameter in the files below that. It raises an error: The export mapping requires a parameter but none is specified in the action. Then we try the option "Custom request template". We copy the JSON template (shown above) in the entry box and it raise another error:  Brace should be followed by a number of digits or another brace. How can we do a POST request and passing some parameters to this request? Any guidelines would be appreciated.  
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You can't select a parameter because you don't have one of the correct type in your microflow. Once you create or retrieve an object of the correct type in the microflow (before the rest call), you'll see a dropdown box next to "Parameter".