Scheduled event time zone

Good morning all, I have a question on the "Scheduled event time zone" setting, which can be found in any Mendix project under "Settings -> Model tab -> Scheduled event time zone". I have a project that has this setting on (GMT-05:00) Eastern, which is where the server is located. I would expect the following when configuring a scheduled event:   - When I set the SE to run at 3:00 PM Server Time, the event runs at 3:00 PM and thus at 10:00 PM CEST which is where I'm located. - When I set the SE to run at 3:00 PM UTC Time, the event runs at 10:00 AM Eastern and thus at 5:00 PM CEST.   However, the situation is that I'm running the SE at 3:00 PM Server Time and the event triggers at 3:00 PM CEST, which is 8:00 AM Eastern. Not what I would expect: am I doing something wrong?   Thanks in advance!
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See the documentation here:

What does the setting Scheduled event time zone do?

A scheduled event also needs a time zone to operate in, just like when a user would run a Microflow you might encounter operations that require a time zone. The setting for Scheduled event time zone defines which time zone this is. Note that this is independent of when a scheduled event is scheduled to RUN, which can be planned at the server’s time or UTC.


My advise would be to calculate the timing of the scheduled events back to UTC and make two scheduledt events where DST comes in to play.