How to (nicely) add images to an entity

I'm looking for a way to nicely add images to an entity. Currently  I have an entity with a 1-n to an image object, I show the images over the association in a list view and have a "create image" button to create a new image entity, so after that I can use the default image uploader to add a image. But I do not like this way to manage the images, I want a to have the uploader available without pressing the "create image" button.  What would be the best way to handle this? I was thinking to add a helper image entity to handle the upload process or to make it so that I always have one empty image entity in the associated list. 
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I solved this now as following:

Incident entity with 1-n to IncidentPicture (IncidentPicture_Incident) entities and a 1-1 to the same entity (IncidentPicture_Incident_Upload)).

In the After create microflow of the Incident entity I create a IncidentPicture and set it as the IncidentPicture_Incident_Upload association.

This Incidentpage has a dataview for the associated IncidentPicture_Incident_Upload with the fileuploader and a upload button which add the IncidentPicture to the 1-n association and set a new IncidentPicture to the 1-1 association.

Works fine.