How to compare attribue having DateTime format with some particular date?

I have a attribute name dueDate in domainModel and I want to compare its value with some default date in condition for visibility based on expressions For example - $currentObj/dueDate = '2017-08-03'. I  need correct expression to define for visibilty.   Thanks in advance.
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You have to parse your string to a DateTime type. Only then you can compare with another DateTime field, like dueDate is for you. 

The function you need is parseDateTime[UTC], so something like this could be used:

$currentObj/dueDate = parseDateTime('03-08-2017','dd-MM-yyyy', dateTime(2017))



Takes a string and tries to parse it. If it fails and a default value is specified, it returns the default value. Otherwise, an error is raised. The function parseDateTime uses the user’s timezone and parseDateTimeUTC uses the UTC calendar.

Input parameters

  • a date Type: String
  • a format Type: String
  • a default value (optional) Type: DateTime


The parsed date, or the default value if a date could not be parsed. Type: DateTime


I don't know if this function supports conditional visability, but you could try using:

$currentObj/dueDate = dateTime(2017, 8, 3)

or dateTimeUTC, depending if your attribute is localized or not.

See Date creation for more information