File Manager

Hi 1. How would i go about uploading files to mendix and be able to display them as links. I currently set a document type linked to a document upload and i display the types in different group boxes.  Then a user can simply expand a group box and and view the uploaded file in their browser.  2. I have agents that are in the field and they get clients to sign fillable pdf forms and how do i get those signed forms saved to mendix without downloading and uploading? Thanks  
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Ad 1. You need a document previewer to show the documents in the browser.

Ad 2. I guess you use Acrobat Writer to change existing pdf's. There are suppliers that provide that online functionality but you need a complex widget to enable that in Mendix.  As a kind of workaround you can upload the signature of a user and merge that with an existing pdf, but that depends on your definition of 'signing'.