How to disable, replace or customize the Mendix 7 standart login screen

Fellow Mendix builders, Is there an option to disable the standard login screen in the modeler of mendix 7. Or is it possible to edit or customize this login screen.   The case at the moment is this: When we run the application, we open the browser. Mendix starts with a standard login screen. (because the production security is set)   It is preferred, by the customer, that this login screen is supplied with their logo and text.   We created an new login page but it keeps being preceded by the standard Mendix 7 login page. This results in a 2 times log in action. If one of you have an answer or already supplied a project with a customized login page in Mendix 7?   Could you be so kind to give us advise to tackle this in the modeler of Mendix 7?   Many thanks in advance.
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You can modify the login.html file in your theme directory and use the login.css file (located in theme directory and subfolder styles) to modify any elements like a logo or colors.


Your custom page should only appear if users are not logged in yet (anonymous). 



Hi Remco,

If you enable anonymous users in your application, you can make the custom login page you created their automatically go-to homepage (in Navigation of your project) and have them log in there! This is an easy and quick way of doing it.