Mendix 7.6 wont start when actual files of filedocuments are missing

Console says "Start populating size of 64 file documents ..."   and hangs Edit 1: I get no error messages. (HSQL Database) Edit 2: It was just a development database, after creating an empty database the modeler started. With postgres I get the message 'File not found for key X' After postgres I created a new setting for Built-in HSQL. No problems any more. Must be a rare condition directly after converting the model from 7.2 to 7.6   Edit 3: @Ronald. In my case it was no heap space problem. It is the development database of DropZone and contains a handful of images.
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You should get a message like:

File not found for 68f31baf-2e06-4871-9507-841838c995ad: LocalFileSystemStore:: File does not exist for key: 68f31baf-2e06-4871-9507-841838c995ad. Setting size to 0.

I had some problems with the file size populating job on 7.5 (or .4 maybe) that were related to events, but events should be disabled in 7.6.


I do wonder though if it is a rare case. We already created a ticket when we did a test migration of a client of ours. Locally the modeler would run out of heap space due to this size calculation event.