Mendix 7.6 Page Design Issue/Question

I have upgraded an app to Mendix 7.6 that has a number of Text and Action Button widgets that display attributes from associated entities via references, as shown below: When I open these pages, I see the following message in the browser console: These pages also have 'Save' action buttons that call microflows that perform a number of actions (updating related entities, totals, etc.)  When I click one of these save buttons, the Progress Bar never goes away and I see the error message above repeated in the browser console (once for each reference Text or Action button).  However, if I rebuild these pages in the following way: I can open and save these pages with no issues and no error messages appearing in the browser console. I am wondering what is behind this behavior and if there is something I need to change about page design and/or if this behavior is related to the architectural changes introduced in Mendix 7 (stateless architecture).   It would be great if someone who is more familiar with the Mendix 7 architecture could comment on what I am seeing and help me understand it better. Thanks!  
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That's interesting. For me, working with associated objects in text fields, works fine.