What options are there since the After Sign-In functionality has been removed from the modeler?

At the moment I am developing a webshop using Mendix 7.4.  As in most webshops, an anonymous user is able to select several items. When (s)he is ready to check them out, (s)he is forced to login with his/her credentials. The issue I am facing, is that using the current login functionality of Mendix, the control is 'lost' after the login has been completed. In other words, a new session is started, before the shopping items of the anonymous user could be transferred to the actual customer.  In Mendix 6 and previous versions, there was an option in the project settings for anonymous users, to start a 'SignIn Microflow' right after the actual signin. This option has been removed in version 7. Reason, I quote: "Sign-in microflows are no longer supported, because they do not add any functionality. In a future version, the state will be automatically transferred from the anonymous user to the signed-in user by the client."   So what should I do in the meantime? How do I transfer my shopping cart from the anonymous user to the signed-in customer?
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take a look at https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/66443/Appronto/SignIn-microflow--/-Sign-in-microflow-for-Mx7

Our team created a perfect solution together with Mendix to support this.