Error as Anonymous user Anonymous user created.

Hello all, when I restarted my test project I am getting below error: Anonymous user 'Anonymous_d2c4c7c8-0cd3-4a67-abeb-efff4d66fadd' created (Number of concurrent sessions: 1). I am using only one browser and also its my local system with security is off.  also No Login page is given for this test project. Restarted many times and restarted my system as well. Dont know what is the issue here.  Mendix Version: 7.0.2   If any one of you come across the same issue, please let me know.   Thanks and regards, Nirmal
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do you allow anonymous users in your project's security settings? Because that way you don't need a login screen and thus you won't see one. The log message you're getting is just a message that the system has created a user session for you, as an Anonymous user.

Or do you get any other messages during the use of your app or in the log?