What is SchemeManager? Why is it giving me an error message?

I have a page that displays an order and 1 or more order items.  Each order item in turn has an association to a package type.  When I open this page (in the browser), I see the following error in the console of my modeler: Only 1 MendixObject can be stored in a MendixObjectReference, objecttype: 'Orders.OrderLineItem' membername: 'Orders.OrderLineItem_PackageType' Some other info:  this app was recently upgraded to Mendix 7.6.  There is only one Package Type object associated to the Order Line Item.  I didn't find any mention in the documentation or forum of Scheme Manager or this specific error message. Anyone out there have some ideas about why I am receiving this error message (and what Scheme Manager is)? Thanks, Mike   **Edit** A screen shot of the error:
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