resolving unintended file conflicts without TortoiseSVN?

I have some students going through the intro modules and in module 6 one student got this error: I am assuming that somehow there is a conflict that can't be handled by Modeler built-in SVN capability which is why the message points to TortoiseSVN. I have two questions here: 1. Trying to figure out cause of this.  Students are each doing their own project so the issue isn't a conflict between multiple users changing content.  The student did import a module (an option suggested at the start of one of the tutorial sections), which might account for this. 2. In this case the content on the student's machine is completely correct and the goal would be just to push all that up to the team server.  Is there a way to do that? I know we can use TortoiseSVN to resolve, but want to see what other options might be available. Thanks!
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You would need to find out first whcih files are conflicted. The only way to do that is still installing Tortoise SVN 1.7. It will then show you which files are conflicted and then you can decide what action to take.