Idea needed for web Development

I am Developing a web application for travel insurance and I need to calculate fare or fees units for three different category thus by getting same inputs.. For Example, If a person is choosing 5 days trip means i have to calculate three different fees for 3 categories such as normal(fee units 50), executive( fee unit 70 )and Luxury (fee unit 100) and i have to display those results in a same page with several records. How can i acheive this .. Please suggest me idea
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All can be done in a microflow. Probably you want this to be an on change microflow so that when the user input changes (like amount or type) this microflow is triggered. In the micoflow you can use splits so the microflow gets a different result based on the categorie chosen. After that it is all just some math do calculate all. Have you already started the basic course? Because that gives you some good and fast background on how to use Mendix.