Module update deletes reference tables

Hi everyone,   I'm currently updating the Process Queue module in one of our projects. We have a couple of references that go from ProcessQueue.QueuedAction to other objects in our application. Personally I feel this isn't a best practise, but it is what I'm currently stuck with. When updating the module, my references are gone. When I create them again, the reference name is added with a "_2" behind it (e.g. "QueuedAction_Taak" becomes "QueuedAction_Taak_2").   When I remove the "_2" from the reference name, Mendix asks (as expected) if I want to correct the errors in the model with the new created reference. This all works fine, until I run the model and I find all my replaced reference tables to be completely wiped from data. From what I can remember, in past versions this wasn't the case although I'm not completely sure. The reference table name hasn't changed, so I would expect that it would keep the data when running the model.   Can anyone confirm this worked in earlier versions and if not, does anyone have a solution that doesn't require a complete refactoring of the module before I do the update to the latest module version? Thanks!
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Removing the _2 used to solve these problems in the past. The tables would then not be dropped and created again. If you indeed still use Mx6 I know that that is the case. For Mx7 I have not yet tested it myself. So if you are experiencing this in Mx6.10.3 I would file a support ticket if you are 100% sure that the reference names have not changed.





Hi Rochus,

The fact that a "_2" is appended leads me to suspect that mendix still has a reference to the old association somewhere.

I am not sure if this would help but try closing the modeler and reopening the project. Hopefully, this will clear some cache where this reference is stored.
As far as I know mendix uses secret heys to keep track of entites, associaton & attributes so that they can more easily deal with name changes. That is why that even though you have an association with the same name it does not neccesarily have the same secret key and Mendix correctly classifies it is a new association.


PS: Just for my curiosity what type of association is this 1-1 or 1-* and which side is the owner?