Calculation From Entity Values

I would like to do multiplication from values of Different 2 and more entities. by clicking the button in Dataview(Say name A1) with the help of microflow. In that microflow Input parameter as A1  I do not how to do multiplication and to display the result in a separate page. Tell or advice me how to do multiplication in the microflow (Step by step). When i try to add multiple Input parameter in the microflow in addition to that A1(input parameter)  it is showing "Parameters of the selelcted microflow do not match available arguments. Available argument is A1. while the microflow has parameters of B1,B2,B3.
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Hi Al,

As said the button is placed inside the A1 dataview and on click of this you are calling a microflow. So the microflow will have the parameter of type A1. You can retrieve the values from entity B1,B2, B3 using Retrieve action with some xpath condition.

Consider B1 entity has attribute result which is of type decimal.

Now, create a variable of type result in the microflow and inside it do the multiplication using the attributes available.




Now, Change the object B1 and assign this variable value to result attribute.

Finally show page and pass this object and display the result in that page. Hope this might help.