How to Use CheckBox Especially On-Enter and On-Leave Options in Checkbox properties.

Hi all, I developed Travel Insurance Application and I have added Checkbox in Dataview.   I added Checkboxes in DataView and i dont know to add condition in that..meaning as If the User check the boxes the value has to be added in result and if he unchecks it the value has to be minus or reduced from the result( as he checks in previous Step). For acheiving this I found On-Enter and On-leave options in Checkbox properties.. I dont know how to utilize them.. Please let me know how to use them with some Example. so That I can Understand Better.. Thanks In Advance Al Makthum  
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I am not sure if I understand completely what you are asking.  However, if you have a checkbox in a dataview, when the user clicks on it, the value of the attribute toggles (between true and false) and the checkbox displays with or without a check.  If you want to make sure that change is committed to the database, you could put a simple on change microflow on the checkbox to commit the object.  Or, when the user clicks a Save button, the current value of the attribute will be saved to the database.

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