Equal ignore case search in data grid view

Hi All, Is anybody has any idea about the search field with equal ignore case in data grid or do I need to create a custom search. Example : "ABHI "or "abhi " will work in search with contains but in search with equal   does work only in either case.  
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I think a custom search is needed for this. If you want a check which does an equality check not being case sensitive, my approach would be to add two checks, A being the string to search in, B being the search input

  1. contains(A,B);
  2. length(A)= length(B)


The second constraint will take care of the scenario in which B could be only a part of string A, hence contained in A, but not having the same length.

Good luck!


As far as I'm aware it is exactly as you describe:

Searching for contains isn't case sensitive, where as searching with equal has to be an exact match for it to show up in the search results.


So yes, a solution could be to create custom search functionality.