Data validation for attributes

How to set data validation rule for an attribute (integer or decimal type) especially for "attribute should not be equal to zero" ?
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Hello Soumya,

  To validate a date for not empty, I recommend the following:

1) Use a microflow with an exclusive split. In this split, check if the date is empty.  you can do this like:

$MyDateValue != empty

2) In the 'false' flow, use the Validation Feedback activity to put the error message on the field on the page where the value is entered. 

I recommend that you replace the default 'Save' button with a microflow that does all your validation at once, including this  one.  If you want to make sure that the date occurs in the past, you could do something like :

$MyDateValue < [%CurrentDateTime%]

You can treat your date variables like you would integers when it comes to comparison