GIT repo for Application from modeller

HI there,    looking at it *Seems* to be possible to use GIT(hub) for the repository for the modeller, but doesn't matter what I've tried today, I couldn't get it uploading/populating a fresh new repo. The only conclusion I've got, is that the boiler plate template, is for a widget only, but trying that, it complained about missing .mpr file. Reason I'm looking for non-teamserver, is the ability to have webhooks from github/bitbucket/gitlab on commits to track/etc. in slack/mattermost/hipchat/etc. that teamserver doesn't have
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Well it is possible to use GIT as you codeversionmanager, but it is not compatible with the Modeler's Team-functions, because that's built on svn. The  App Store Widget Boilerplate is just any project given as a sample project here. Does not really have anything to do with your codeversionmanager. So you indeed will need to start you new project, use "git init" & "git add" to make your project's directory a git-project and do your codeversionmanagement outside of Modeler. As external tool my choice would be Tortoise, but there are many opinions on that area.

NB. When you do this, for this project you should use refrain from using any options from the menu 'Team'. That would mess up your version management.