V7 reference set selector - via selectform - discrepancy

We are converting an existing App into V7. In general without to many problems, but I ran into some issues. I have a reference set selector, which uses a SELECT form with simple-multiselect set to true. On selecting 2 options on a set without previous connections, only one of the selections with show On selecting 2 options on a set with a existing option, it will show all 3 references. The SELECT screen was autogenerated and the SELECT button is used as provided, without additional MF Suggestions on what might cause this?
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I have seen this issue before and it is reproducable in a Mx 7 environment. It does not have to do with the upgrade of the Mendix version. If you build a new project with an entity and a reference set to a second entity the behavior is as you state.

Selecting 2 records in the select form will add only the first (visually), selecting 3 records will select only the first 2 (visually). In both cases when saving the record containing the ref set selector and reopening the record will show 2 and 3 records respectively in the reference set selector. So the records are added but not shown directly after the selection.

If you sort the reference set selector after the selection and before saving the items will all show up. It seems that there is an issue with the refresh of the reference set selector. I have a test project for this and will raise a ticket for this behavior with Mendix support (done ticket number 58626)