Application jumps to top of page

Hello all,   In my company application we are currently facing an issue where while filling a text area the page will jump back to the top of the page. At the bottom of the application there is a text area where people have to fill in an text area whether to reject a workflow. This text area grows automaticily and shows the first 5 lines. As soon as you enter a 6th line, the page will jump to the top, making it impossible to view the entire text in the text area. As soon as I change the properties from "grows automaticly" to false, you can scroll in the text area, so the behaviour then disappears. The text area is located inside an table, so I tried searching for dynamic expanding tables but still no good answer.   This behaviour exists in several browsers so not browser dependent.   Anyone a clue on how to solve this?  Submitting the text area in an pop-up is not possible due to the usage of an external flow package.
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Hi Roy,

A possible solution could be to use another text editor, such as the CKEditor/viewer or the bootstrapRTE editor. You can find both of them in the appstore?

I am not sure the fit the other project requirements but might be worth a try.



Thanks for helping out Andrej. We found that solution fitting for our problem