Find usages of Glyphicons

Finding usages of images or icons which exists in your project can be found easily with the "Find usages" button in the modeler. But how can I find the usages for the glyphicons within your project?
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If your goal is to replace them use the replace function under menu tools:


replace them with nothing or do specifice replacements:




Thanks to Pim, who gave me a clue I was able to find all the buttons and was able to do what i wanted to do, which ended up in a mendix shortcoming/bug: "Changed objects without changes"(even in Mx 7.8.0):

-I changed the clyphicon to a image which is not used within the application:

Now I was able to see all changed pages(marked with the yellow circles) which contained the previously Glyphicon and I'm able to find the usages of the image: Great!

I was able to change the microflow behavior behind some of those buttons.

- I want to change back the Image to the previously glyphicon which on which I would expect that those yellow circles would disappear on untouched pages (same as when you change some text and change it back to its original text).

As shown above: There are no changes on the page, but the page is marked as changed!


To clean up my commit I had to revert all those pages


Anyway thanks again Pim for the clue who helped me to do what i wanted to do.