Datagrid connector options and errors

Hey, I'm trying to debug some unexpected (and unwanted ;)) delete behaviour in my app (i.e. not deleting what I want to delete), which, I'm relatively sure :), has to do with the validation rules of several connected entities (objects). To discover some of the relations in my database I'm filling a data grid and related data views with (attributes of) the associated entities, which has led me to two 'discoveries': 1) I can fill the columns with (attributes of) entities over many to many relationships (ownership on the side of 'starting' entity, i.e. entity of the datagrid/ dataview), which I would not expect, and 2) I get the following error: "A column of a data grid that has an association source can only show attributes of the grid entity itself, and attributes of directly associated entities." Wouldn't it be handier if you would not be able to select entities/ attributes/ associations that lead to errors cq that you can't display? (Should I post this as an 'idea' as well or as feedback to Mendix?) Regards, Joris         
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Now I get it :) 

You do mention a Many to many association. But you uses 1-* associations. I can reproduce that.

Regarding the error message, might be handy if the connector would facilitate only the allowed paths. On the other hand; Why are you using the datasource "By association" ? Because when you use database (or XPath) this 2 association deep data can be displayed as you tried to do.  

I only use the by association data source when I'm dealing with in memory data. all other scenarios I use Database/XPath