Mendix Upgrade from 5.15.1 to 6.10.3

Hi, I am in a process of migrating my project from Mendix 5.15.1 to Mendix 6.10.3. I was using a web service in 5.15 and same is being used in 6.10 also. But I am not able to capture the data coming in the response using the same import mapping. Can anyone help me solve this one?
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Hi Soumya,

There are differences between 5.15.1 and 6.10.3 regarding the previous xml to domain mapping and the renamed import mapping. More info you can find here:

Given that you didn't give a lot of information I would, in your case, look to re-configure the service and mapping. You can also set trace in the "Console" ==> "Advanced" ==> "Set log levels" to see what you're sending as request and what you're getting in return(or not).