Get Language retrieving Null for anonymous users

I'm currently having some errors in my log with anonymous users accessing my application. When these errors occur the anonymous users receive a login page. However this error doesn't seem to be consistent. The anonymous homepage is a microflow and will open up a particular page after the flow has run. It seems odd that the platform is failing to retrieve the language for the user and also this is happening in more than one application. My app language is currently set as default English US. Anyone have any ideas? Dec 8 13:23:57.192 - ERROR - Connector: An error has occurred while handling the request. [User 'Anonymous_076a60f4-b3a0-4316-b510-5d1ef26598db' with session id '6bbbb57c-48ea-4123-b27c-3815aaf8bcd1' and roles 'Anonymous'] Dec 8 13:23:57.193 - ERROR - Connector: (1/36) java.lang.NullPointerException: null Dec 8 13:23:57.193 - ERROR - Connector: (2/36) #011at com.mendix.basis.session.User.getLanguage(
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We solved it by checking the language and if empty use the community commons GetDefaultLanguage action to retrieve the language and use that one. Still think that the platform should do that as standard instead of me programming that.