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I have this model : a service belongs to one domain   In the page NewEdit where the service is created I want to show a reference selector dropdown with the attribute 'TitleNL' for a user with language 'nl_NL'. If the user has language 'fr_BE' the dropdown reference selector should contain the 'TitleFR' attribute. Should I create separate "NewEdit" pages for each language and open it with a microflow in which the user language is tested?   Or can I keep one "NewEdit" page and use a visibility condition?  In this case the model looks like this : where a Lang non persistent entity is created by a microflow and associated to the service entity and the page is showed with the Lang entity as parameter In the page the parent dataview starts from the Lang entity and inside a dataview over association with the Service entity is shown and then I can use the Lang.Language attribute as condition visibility.
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See this post here:

I you use that setup you place all the translatable objects in on other entity and retrieve the right translations with a microflow.




The first picture you see is how you should model your translatable objects. In your case create a serviceTranslation entity with the following attributes Title, Description and MoreInfo. Connect this entity with your main object Service and connect it to Language. Now in the Service object you change the three into calculated attributes. Create the microflow that retrieve the objects. That is the second screen in that post. Now you only have to think about who can create and edit the translations. I use most of the time a button for that that opens the grid and have there the new buttons to create objects for the different languages. Hope this helps. If not drop me a line and I can give you a small demo project.