Custom login page isnt being used

Hi, according to this documentation page, we can set up a custom login page for anonymous users attempting to access a resource with logged in user security. I have tried to implement a custom login page from the modeler and applied it to the navigation (authentication), but somehow the custom login page is still not used. Instead, the app redirects to the default login.html page. How do I stop the app from doing this and how do I force the app to use my custom login page instead? Also the authentication tab is now missing when I tried modeler 7.8.0 higher. Any ideas why?
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Its only possible to configure a custom login page as default for anonymous users, when anonymous users are enabled.

If anonymous users isn't enabled, then the authentication tab disappears and the default login page is used.


To add on to what Rene said, you can create a user role for anonymous users, enable the anonymous user setting, and add a role based home page in the navigation profile. 

There login form widget can be used on a page to log anonymous users in.