sort enumeration dropdown values in data grid

Hi, I have a dashboard which has few search filters and these are of dropdown type showing enumeration values. When I try selecting sort order for these, its saying field is not connected to entity, so am not able to sort these values. Is there any other way to sort these enum drop down values in search filter fields in dashboard?
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When you use enumerations as an attribute on an entity, the sort order of the values is the order in which those values appear in the enumeration definition.  So you can change the order of these values by changing sort order of the enumeration, as highlighted below:

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Hi Sowmya,

Search filters are used on a data grid and need to be connected to an entity. Otherwise you cannot use them to filter the records in the data grid. Did you use the enumeration as an attribute on the entity displayed in the data grid?

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Grt. Arjan