How to show a MF-result on screen?

I have a screen and want to show the result of a microflow 'ShowMyNumber' that does some calculation and returns an integer.  Hopefully I am overlooking some functionality by Mendix does not seem to make this as easy as I would expect Mendix to. I was expecting to be able to set a datasource of any widget, Input textbox for instance, to microflow 'ShowMyNumber' and be done. Instead the best solution I could figure out is creating an (non-persistant) Entity in the database and storing the value and retrieving it to show it on screen. That does work, but isn't there a simpeler way?
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Hi Tim, have your tried

from the doc:

This widget will add a string result from a microflow, to your page! All the flexibility that a microflow offers you can be used in order to create a custom string and display it on your page.