How to improve modeler performance with mendix 7.11

This week we have upgraded a Mendix project from 6.10 to 7.9 and 7.11. Since then we are experiencing serious modeler performance issues. I have a pretty good laptop but the modeler is using 75%+ of my CPU and 40%+ of my memory when running the application. Creating entities, pages, and other things also takes a long time. What can we do to improve the modeler performance?   Please leave a comment if you are experiencing the same problem.
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See the release notes on Mx7.11

They are aware of the issue. Some info from somebody at Mendix would be usefull on what is causing this though.





A modeler issue introduced in Mendix 7.11 caused the low performance of the 7.11 Desktop Modeler for large apps.

This was not related to newly introduced features nor the running app.

We've solved it in Mendix 7.12, so please use this version instead.