Is it possible to define that a table does not omit header at page break in a Document template?

I am creating a PDF layout. This PDF requires tabular layout consisting of multiple lines and if the line does not fit on one page, I have to display header also on the table in the second page. I made a Table layout that the first line is used as the header and the second line is display multiple lines in the Template grid. In this layout, the header row is not displayed on the table in the second page. Also header is omitted even if created with Datagrid. How can I solve it?
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I think this is a property setting on the document template.  Try setting "show header/footer on first page" to true, and adding a page break at the end of your template.

Also make sure you have "enable header" set to true, and that you include your header in the header field.

Here is the documentation on document templates