ForgotPassword, Deeplink, Email Error

Hello,  I'm getting an odd error when I attempt to test the ForgotPassword functionality I've set up. (I followed the configuration guidelines by importing Deeplink, Email Templates, ForgotPasssword into my project)  On the login page, when I click "Forgot Password", I enter the email address (verified with user account), but get the following error: "Object of type 'EmailTemplate.Email' with guid '54606145481867466' cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore" Doing some debugging in the modeler, I've determined that the correct information is being populated in EmailTemplate.Email, but for some reason seems to be failing at the "SendEmail" java action. I also noticed that the guid changes each time, so it's not just searching for one lost record. Any thoughts?? I also removed all of the modules and re-imported them but same issues.    Thanks!    
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Could be a permissions issue with the Email entity.  If so, the microflow would be able to create the email, but at send time permissions may prevent it from being sent.



Hi Andrew,

I was able to reproduce your error using the 5.18 versions of those modules. I was able to narrow down the error to the change object when an error is thrown in the send email java action. I can see in the variable tab that the object still exists and the guid matches what the error message pop up shows. See screen shot below.


The microflow is only going down this path because an error was thrown in the send email java action. Most likely it has something to do with your SMTP settings, so I would double check those settings are correct. Maybe confirm that you can send a test email with the email module. Hopefully that will fix your issue with sending the forgot password email, but you should still address the issue of when that java action fails.