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Hi Everyone! I started recently the use of Mendix through my career and in my first project I have difficulty in use the Email Module templates. ... I have Ldap configureted in my project, it's very simple the settings and widgets but this Email template I can't configure because I don't know to where to start, I have tried setting it up a few times but without succesfull. I already have together with Email template, the Encryption and MxModelReflection. Someone could help me in how I to configure smtp and send emails? I don't have found nothing in Forum about Module 7.11 with focus or details of How-to's this, however, someone know where I can find How-to's or something about this?   Thanks.    
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Hi Marcos,

After you follow all the instructions in the Read me snippet. Locate the snippet with the administration for this module. This will be in _USE_ME > Functional > snippets folder. The snippet you want will be called "administration". Once you find this, create a page and just drag this snippet to it, and then add this page to your navigation profile.

When you navigate to this page for the first time, a pop up will appear where you can enter your smtp server settings. Then you will get a page that looks like this 

The first tab lets you create templates, the second one shows the email queue, the third one is the smtp server configuration, and the fourth one lets you manually trigger some scheduled events (only applicable if you implement queuing for your emails).

Once you have administration setup. Go to the examples folder  where you will see two microflows that are excluded. I would start with "Sub_CreateAndSendEmail" before you research how the email queue works. This microflow is excluded because it requires you to add your own parameters. The annotations next to these parameters do a good job explaining what they are used for. The example object parameter will be whatever object you used for your tokens in your email template. When you replace the parameters for your own use case, make sure to change the values in the java action "ReplaceEmailTemplateTokens".


Hope this helps!



Thanks for supporting/help me, Austin! I will make this.

Thanks a lot!



Thank you for your explanation even am searching for this i found this one .