Sort Order on ListView

I've got a List View and a Template Grid on the same page with exactly the same XPath Datasource. They are within a DataView of Process and then the above List & Grid with XPath Constraint of [Modeller.Activity_PartOf_Process = '[%CurrentObject%]'] The constraint works OK, and both return the correct records. However the sort only works on the Template Grid and not on the List View. Screen shot below shows the Template Grid first then the List View. When I use the Up/Down arrows the Template Grid refreshes, the values change on the ListView but not the sequence.   Any reasons why the sorting is not working on the ListView?
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Drop Down Filter stops the default sorting functionality working. Adding a Drop Down Sort and setting "display: none;" in the style property keeps it working and stops it being displayed.

Odd workaround but I guess it works! :-)