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I have a functionality to register a  new user which works perfectly fine when I run the application in desktop modeler. I deployed the same in web modeler by below steps : Team -> Sync with Web modeler-> Click on "Open in Web modeler" -> Under "Publish" tab -> "Update" -> "View the app".  I can see the UI part is updated in the app but on click of "Register" button gives error: "An error has occurred while handling the request." The same  thing I do in desktop modeler, it works very well but not in web modeler. Please guide me with how do I get error logs in web modeler or what else needs to be done to solve the issue.
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You could have a look at the app environment logs.

These can be found on you app project page on home.mendix.com 

Choose 'Environments' menu item in the left menu panel.


Hi Ritka,

Are you publishing your app to the sandbox environment? If so, you can connect the debugger from your modeler to the sandbox environment to see where exactly the error is being thrown.

Here is some documentation on using the debugger remotely.



I would also make sure you are testing exactly the same way as when you run the app locally. Is it possible that your microflow is dependent on a certain data that is not setup in your sandbox environment but is locally?