Problem: Your Project Does Not Contain Any Page Templates

Hi all,   I've got a problem with my modeler - when I try to generate a page for a reference set selector, I get the following error:   I've already tried reinstalling Mendix, exporting my project package, and using a previous version of Mendix to no avail. Have any of you encountered this problem before and know of a solution? Thanks in advance,   Ruben  
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I noticed this last week and submitted a support ticket. There are 7 "select page" templates that come with AtlasUI, but they are misconfigured. All of them are in the folder called “140.Select Entity"

To fix:

  1. For each of the 7 building blocks in the Atlas_UI_Resources/140.Select Entity folder:
  2. Open them and change the setting: “Show when” from “Creating a new page” to “Generating Select Pages”


Once you do that, you should be able to generate a select page and choose from the page templates as normal.


Hey Ruben

I got curious about this and played around with it a bit.  I was able to reproduce your issue.  Turns out you'll need to create a new page template in the Atlas UI resources and mark it to be used when generating select pages for it to show up in the wizard.  IMO this is an oversight in the Atlas UI resources package - should be included.  Anyway, here's a screenshot of what you'll need to set for this page template:

Hope that helps,



The page templates you have are probably all of the wrong type. Just create a new one and select 'Generating select pages' for the 'Shown when' property of the page template itself.

Then fix the consistency error (select templates should contain exactly one list widget) and you're good to go. 

The different template types are there to ensure that the template you're selecting is always compatible with the newly created page. For example, when you're generating an edit page, the modeler configures a data view with inputs for all the entity's attributes. As such, edit templates need to contain a data view, otherwise the modeler can't know where to create those inputs. 

Incidentally; if you want to be lazy you can also just ignore the 'error' and click OK. Your page will be created just fine with a completely blank template. This does mean the modeler is going to skip the auto-generate step altogether, so I would definitely recommend creating a Select template for convenience' sake.