team server issue - already a working copy for a different URL

I am unable to upload or download from teamserver.  The app I'm working on is new so not sure there's actually anything in team server I need to keep so I deleted the app from sprintr. When trying to upload, I get the below error and it appears to create a partial app in sprintr - meaning I can see the name there but if I try to download from team server I get that the repository doesn't exist.  I've tried deleting all but the copy I want to keep from my local drive and renamed it but still getting the below message. Anyone know how to get around this? SharpSvn.SvnObstructedUpdateException: 'C:\Users\tracy.corson\Documents\Mendix\GlobeSecurityReports-main' is already a working copy for a different URL
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Hi Tracy,

If you open your project up in the modeler you can export a project package and upload it as a new team server project.


Create the project package

  1. Open up your project in the modeler 
  2. Click the File tab > export project package
  3. Navigate to your project directory in explorer and you will see a folder called packages. Inside this folder you will see your project .mpk file. 
  4. Double click the .mpk file and select a new folder for the project. The modeler should automatically open up the project.
  5. In the modeler click the team tab > upload to team server. Select New repository and then press ok.
  6. Now the modeler will create a new team server project and upload your project package to it.


Hope this helps!



You can also do it this way. 


Create a package from your current project

  1. In your current project in the top left click File > Export project package
  2.  Click the project tab > show project directory in explorer.
  3. go in to the folder called packages and then move your projects .mpk to your desktop.


Create a new project from an existing package.

  1. Open the modeler and click open app
  2. set the location as disk and a windows dialog box will open
  3. choose the .mpk file from your desktop
  4. make sure enable team server and upload to new repository is checked
  5. Change the name to something else and then press ok. 
  6. Then the modeler will upload your project to the team server and open it up in the modeler. From there you can click run again and it will deploy the project to a new sandbox environment.



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