How would I go about creating a timetable page

Hello,  I'm brand new to this community, I've started making a simple dashboard area for my project and now I wanted to try and create a page to view working hours for employees.  Can anyone give me a push in the right direction to start creating a timetable application?
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Hi Bas, we are here to help you but before that how good are you with Mendix Basic concepts? Did you get time to go through Learning paths?  If not -

And my response to your question in short - You would have to create Entities like Employees (Generalization of Account probably) a Timetable entity set association between them as required in your Domain Model. Use components like Dataview, Datagrid or ListView in a new Page. Again once you start playing around with the components you will get a fair idea about the unique qualities and limitations of each components/widgets.

Feel free to reach out anytime, welcome to the MX Community and Good Luck! :)